Ascension Throne 

A meditative sculpture, that emits a composition of binaural tones in an unconventional manner, sans headphones. The sculpture is activated when one sits in the converted gaming chair. The purring frequencies pump through deep bass speakers built into the chair urging a state of calming repetition. As they resonate through the body, participants experience the tones viscerally as well as audibly. Unlike the disruptive nature of gunshots, missiles and bombs found in many of today's action packed videogames, Acension Throne serves as a mediator of tranquility and deep relaxation. 

Playing Schrodinger's Cat 

By modifying the spectral properties of this interface participants bodies relocate to other areas of reality reflected by the changing compositions.  The custom designed laser harp is run through a handmade circuit and Arduino, the participants create new compositions depending on the amount of players, dancers and decisions. This has been incorporated in Stunting Trio by choreographer Wendell Cooper aka Mx.Oops.


Pyramid Power

An immersive sculpture that uses electromagnetic frequencies, a past life regression recording and an out of body account to transport travelers through places of demateriality. Based on the esoteric principle that the pyramidal structure amplifies energies much in the same way that a violin's shape amplfies acoustics, participants are invited to lay inside the steel structure becoming part of the acoustic architecture. As the story unfolds auditory layers pulse from below, ringing and circulating sounds between, wood, metal and flesh. This sound combination acts as a vehicle, reifying the link between, past, present and future.

Tuning Chamber

An auditory and physiological experience in which the participant stands in a sensory deprivation chamber for 12 minutes while hearing and feeling the emitted composition. During this period 6 pure tones of varied frequency immerse the participant externally and internally provoking a state of non-ordinary consciousness. Here unfolds a moment of non‑visual perception, vibrating calmly into an expanse of what appears to be infinite space bringing forth a combinatory state of meditation and lucid dreaming. The participants are invited to hum or sing along with the tones further activating their bodies chamber. This initiates a psychoacoustic phenomenon whose audio signature is solely experienced by the individual, leaving each person with their own private sonic composition. In a sense dowsing one with an aural cleansing from the cacophony of the city's noisescape.

Metaphysics of the Skin

Stroboscopic googles that use corresponding binaural tones launch the participant into a hallucinatory space reaching the primal architecture of the mind and visual cortex. Entopic patterns emerge into a game operated by the users mind and limited only by the imagination.  

Altered State Hood

This portable installation is a subversion of torture devices and methods used both in history and the present. While the use of sensory deprivation can can connote negative sentiments it has long been used for exploring our internal worlds by shutting down our primary sense vision.  A Hypno-Narrative audio in the hood guides participants on a peaceful internal voyage while a microphone captures the breath. As this breath is captured it is amplifed and fed through a speaker on the chest. This produces  biofeedback,  enhancing the immersive experience through uncharted terrains of the mind.

dominika ksel