dominika ksel

Dominika Ksel is an interdisciplinary artist, activist, educator, psychonaut and investigator of invisible landscapes. 

My works are an ecosystem that gently deconstruct power and materiality, while exploring the interstices of consciousness, myth, science and feminism. These information networks are presented as video installations,  interactive sculptures and paintings, and sound-based performances providing a tangible glimpse of various invisible phenomena, and illuminating how these imperceptible structures influence the human condition and our larger quantum reality. 

As a trained hypnotist, media researcher and archivist, I use primary research, tests, interviews and analysis to form playful and peculiar experiences, physical objects and 

psychoacoustic compositions. 

Through the methodology of psychonautics, I describe and explore the subjective effects of altered states of consciousness through modes such as sensory deprivation, hypnosis, meditation, sound and breath entrainment. Thus creating access and mapping information often missed due to the technologically overactive and chaotic contemporary existence drowned out by the anthrophony.

Within the systems of visual and audio works, I subvert symbols of violence and disparity through a sci-fi lens and  psycho-physical language, unpacking and searching for a way to heal and explore traumas caused by a capitalist framework that has encouraged white supremacy, patriarchy, dehumanization and ecocide.

Dominika is also a Co-Founder of Temporary Agency, a member of the collective HowDoYouSayYamInAfrican?, The Visual Resistance and teaches at CUNY. 

Exhibitions, performances, lectures, screenings and workshops have taken place in museums, galleries and expanded spaces around the globe.