Still from the video, 'Valley of Shadows', Death Valley, CA, 2017.

d0m1n1ka ksel



Dominika Ksel is an interdisciplinary artist, activist and educator. Drawing on myth, science, techn0fem1n1sm and erased histories, I work with immersive media to evoke the unseen sensorial. I'm interested in transcending manifest materiality to visualize our human experience as subjective reality.

Working with interactive sculptures, virtual/mixed reality, video installations, and sound-based performances to investigate how technology can be used to mediate the perception of the self, others and our respective environments and social constructs. 

I use virtual reality, binaural sound, sensory deprivation, hypnosis, meditation and various inductions into non-ordinary consciousness to amplify subjective exploration. These modes and settings help facilitate space that allow participants to orient themselves more empathetically  within the situations, scenerios and social constructs presented in the work. The works often engage environmental issues, human rights, wellness and the nature of reality.

Through these heuristic explorations, participants may experience glimpses of the imperceptible, opening up new dialogues, paradigm shifts and understandings of the human experience. 

Recent projects focus on how virtual/augemented experiences and immersive media can transform education, use sound for visibilty, environmental conservation, human rights, empathy, and health. 

Also, a large part of my practice is DIY, I'm almost always involved in every aspect of building from the ground up and take to heart DIY philosophy and a love for collaboration. 

Dominika is a hypnotist, passionate psychonaut, acoustic ecologist, surfer and teaches at CUNY.  You can also find them collaborating as a co-founder of Temporary Agency, a member of WRRQ and HDYSYIA? as well as co-organizer of The Visual Resistance Forums.

Exhibition, performances & workshops have been held around the globe including: MoMa, Bronx Museum, El Museo del Barrio, Whitney Houston Biennial,  Museum of Art and Design, Whitney Museum, Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes, Queens Museum, Pristine Gallerie Monterrey, Witte de With Contemporary, Chiem Read, CA2M Madrid, Galleria Liberia Bogota, Pioneer Works and P! Gallery.