The Act of Listening Between Worlds

Bronze frogs cast from a dehydrated frog I found in Ngenge, Zambia. Frogs in many cultures are symbols of luck and hold the key to trespassing from water to land from our world into other dimensions. These frogs produce resonant frequencies when struck together creating a meditative tone. The resonant harmonics circulate around the head bringing life to the inanimate amphibians and a sense of positivity and calm through deep listening.

Nature vs Nurture

A sculpture examining the age old adage through humor and vice. A see-saw made of metal, nails, hair, wood and acrylic.

Parable of Democracy

What science fiction writer Octavia E. Butler grants us through her writing is a dynamic world of human flaws and potentials. From her work, we can draw inspiration, confront corruption and repression, and immerse ourselves in the knowledge that we can create through our imagination a new paradigm of community and civilization. Her criticality, in unpacking the most poignant and relevant social ails years before they take place, also allude to quite a mystical sensibility. I find the seership and insight of Butler's visionary work heart-wrenching, terrifying and encouraging as, we move through the shadows of various social constructs in a treacherous political theatre. Butler brilliantly penned America's current vexed presidency in the book 'Parable of the Sower', describing a fascist, tyrant who's slogan, 'Make America Great Again', we hear too often. Beyond the dystopic predictions and calamity, her work deeply moves me to think, inform and imagine a new world where hierarchy perishes and freedom, love and compassion prevail. The installation is a woven cotton tapestry along side an audio sculpture built of speculative fiction and non-fiction books. A link to the audio:  


dominika ksel