dominika ksel

Installation shots and schematics from Shores of the Abyss presented at  Witte de With Contemporary Rotterdam, Netherlands as part of the show NO HUMANS INVOLVED with HDYSYIA?.  The seven pentagonal acoustic chambers resonate seven unique haunting compositions unfolding in space as one ever morphing symphony evoking the ancestors, the histories, atrocities and relationships that took place on the Middle Passage. Each time a participant enters a chamber opening and closing the wooden hatch, integrating their bodies mass and cavity with that of the cocooning chamber a direct impact is initiated to the sweeping soundscape. As the subwoofer molds the deep bass passing through the participant body, it ignites a non-ordinary state of consciousness through sensory deprivation, sound and vibration. The compositions were created in collaboration with Kobie Maitland, Kelsey Lu, Wendell Cooper, Christa Bell and Poszi Kolor.